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Christine's Contemplating

The Adventures of Subisesh (game name)

22 June
I'm Christine C...
I was born in NY and lived there until I was like 6 then moved to CT then back to NY in some weird times and was with my cousin for like a year or two then moved here to an apartment and then finally to Rocky Hill which is AWESOME :)
I played clarinet for 4 years and still can play but don't usually now..I sing in the shower and when no one is looking..I had/have a few really great teachers and you can find me tinkering with things, self-learning guitar, writing, drawing, ...hmm I love anything art based you name it- even if sometimes it's something I stink at but can still admire.
That's my story ..
I can't play sports for beans.
I like: I like hugs.
I like music and playing music, I love the shows "While You Were Out" and "Strong Medicine", (I can get people who want me to into some chats with the cast of WYWO as well and to some really cool sites just ask) I like to write, draw, I love "The Phantom of the Opera"- the movie, the play, the play's audio CD ect haha
I love Tigger, and a lot of people that would take forever to write down.
climbing trees, contemplating, eating, exploring, playing, playing period, playing-hide-and seek, praying music, puzzles, writing